A Love for the Game… and Each Other

Santa Clarita, CA || Robinson Ranch || 12.3.05

For Blake and Jason Kubel, baseball plays a huge role in both of their lives separately and together. Blake grew up loving the game: her father served as an umpire for High School and College baseball so naturally, her younger brother played as soon as he could.  Jason spent his whole life playing the game and always dreamed of being called up to the big leagues. Eventually, it happened.

Not surprisingly, the couple met on a baseball field when they were in high school in 2000. Blake attended a game watching one of her friends pitch (Hi Matt!) but she found herself smitten with one of his teammates. Once she and Jason met after the game, they were inseparable.

By the time Jason proposed to Blake, he was a member of the Minnesota Twins.  But because of a baseball-related injury- he wasn’t able to get down on one knee when he popped the question.  Blake says even though he was wearing a brace when it happened,  it was still exciting and romantic.

For a couple whose whole lives involved PLENTY of baseball- you’d think their big day would include some hints of their favorite sport.  That wasn’t the case as they planned their wedding more than 12 years ago.  Blake says even though their love for the game is in their hearts- they wanted their wedding day to be about them and not baseball because they don’t define themselves by the sport.

“[Baseball] was and is a very big part of our life but we wanted our wedding day to be just that– our day, about us and our love.”

Blake says during the planning phase- she heard some guests mention they would wear their baseball hats to the wedding and she shut it down immediately (her only ‘bridezilla’ moment!).   And because their life revolved around the baseball schedule, they got married in December, in the off-season.  There was only ONE baseball-related detail: the garter Blake wore underneath her dress had the Twins’ logo on it.  It was a gift given to her before the ceremony.

Through their 12 years of marriage, they traveled around the country while Jason played for multiple teams, including the Diamondbacks and the Indians. “Life wasn’t normal by any means while he was in baseball,” Blake says.  “We moved 3 times a year and traveled a lot in between those times. Once we had kids it got even crazier.”  She says during the season, she and their two kids rarely got to see him even when he was playing at home.

Blake says being a Major League family brought so much joy to their lives.  She loves that it was something they all got to experience, but is relieved that phase of their life is over.  Now she says, they can focus on being a family. She says she misses seeing their friends at the games and being able to watch Jason play a game he was so incredibly talented at but she would much rather have him home to bond with the kids.

Baseball isn’t completely out of their lives.  After Jason left Major League Baseball, he took on a gig as as his son’s Little League coach, but that only lasted a year.  Plus, Blake’s brother is now in his third year in the pros, serving as a pitcher for the Twins.



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