The Rowleys: A Purrfect Pair

Most couples find subtle ways to showcase their personalities during engagement photo shoots. Stacey and Rand took a not-so-subtle route two years ago before their wedding.

Stacey  Rand_205_e_full.jpg
Photos by: DC Photography Studios

When the Rowleys planned their shoot with DC Photography Studios they packed a couple of wardrobe changes, including his and hers kitty costumes they bought JUST for this occasion.  They wanted to have a wedding that was fun, silly and a little traditional to truly depict who we were as a couple.  What better way than to start it all off with the purrfect engagement shoot!

Stacey says when she proposed the idea,  Rand was 100% ON BOARD, zero hesitation. She even jokingly said, they didn’t think they could have ordered the suits fast enough.  They found the costumes online, and paid more for the shipping (from Japan) just to get them in time.

Stacey  Rand_203_e_full.jpg

The Rowleys took their photographers to Avila Beach for their photo shoot and had the time of THEIR LIVES running down the pier. Stacey says they were a little nervous to get out of the car but once her first ‘paw’ was out, they were off and running. She says it felt like they were the only two people around.

Stacey and Rand say too much happened to have just one favorite memory.  But one highlight was crashing a girl’s senior photo shoot.  They say she was so excited when they agreed to take some pictures with her.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures of them with the stranger.

Stacey  Rand_176_e_full.jpg

And on their two year anniversary, they are now making plans to possibly do it again.

By the way, Stacey and Rand also took some pictures in everyday wear, for good measure.

Stacey  Rand_080_e_full.jpg

Happy anniversary, Stacy and Rand! (meow)




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