A Little Pizza My Heart

Not all newlyweds are into fine china, need the newest kitchen appliances or even the fanciest bedsheets… and Domino’s Pizza knows that.  On Thursday, National Pizza Day, Domino’s launched a wedding registry site allowing pizza-loving couples to register for their favorite pie.
On opening day, a pizza-loving Fresno couple registered for the free service. For Mackenzie Mays and her fiance Matt Thomas, pizza has been a part of their relationship from the beginning.  In fact, during their first kiss, Matt was balancing a pizza box in one hand.  Unfortunately, there are no pictures of that moment.

They have been together for 9 years after meeting in college at West Virginia University.  Now that they live in Fresno, they say they miss the pizza they grew up loving, but have grown to love the Cental Valley’s offerings. Mackenzie says her favorite is Richie’s and describes herself as a pizza purist- naming pepperoni and cheese as her favorite.  Signing up for this service started off as a joke, but now, the bride-to-be says she is anxiously waiting to get her first notification that someone has bought a pizza for her and Matt.

The couple is 6 months away from their big day. Because of their deep appreciation for the mountains and the outdoors- they’ve selected Yosemite’s Glacier Point as their wedding venue.  Their celebration will be so low-key, only their parents and a photographer will be there to watch it happen. (Ellie Koleen, I can’t wait to see pictures!!)

A spokeswoman for Domino’s says the company launched the site ahead of Valentine’s Day so couples who are “passionate about pizza” can register for something they both truly love as much as their partner.  On the website, prices range from $15 to $100 and allow customers to have pizza served at a bachelorette party or delivered as a late night snack at the end of the wedding reception.
Couples who receive gifts from the website get a gift card in order to pay for the pizza.  Mackenzie says the entire process was easy to follow.  Now, as they wait until their wedding day… Mackenzie and Matt are also  waiting for their first friend to help fund their love for pizza.  For family and friends with a more traditional approach to gift-giving, Mackenzie and Matt also have a honeymoon fund set up.


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